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Geoscience Information in Africa - Network

GIRAF: Geoscience InfoRmation AFrica

GIRAF Mission:
Support that knowledge-based geoscience information
contributes to improve the environmental & economic prosperity
of the people in Africa.

Commission for the Management and Application of Geoscience Information (CGI)


The Aims of GIRAF are:

  • Build a pan-African geoscience information knowledge network of geological surveys, universities and companies.
  • Exchange and share geoscience information and good practice.
  • Bring together relevant African authorities, national experts and stakeholders in geoscience information.
  • Make Africa a more active part of the international geoscience information community.
  • Stimulate and support cross-border geoscience information projects in Africa.
  • Gather and review up-to-date feedback on the actual situation of geoscience information status and progress in Africa.
  • Review the progress of the GIRAF network as set up at the 1st workshop in Namibia 2009.
  • In the long run improve the way geoscience information contributes to improve the health and prosperity of the people in Africa.
Upcoming EVENTS:
Third Circular of
The African Association of Women in Geosciences (AAWG)
Organise its seventh conference under the theme
Earth Sciences and Climate Change: Challenges to Development in Africa
3rd November 2014 in Windhoek, Namibia
GIRAF 2015 Workshop
Mid 2015 in Maputo, Mozambique

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