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Geoscience Information in Africa - Network

GIRAF: Geoscience InfoRmation AFrica

GIRAF Mission:
Support that knowledge-based geoscience information
contributes to improve the environmental & economic prosperity
of the people in Africa.


Upcoming EVENTS:
Inaugural Workshop on
West African Sedimentology
and Sedimentary Basins
27th July - 2nd August 2014
in Ibadan, Nigeria
25th Colloquium of African Geology (CAG25) &
3rd Young Earth Scientists (YES) Congress
11th - 16th August 2014 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Organised by: Young Earth Scientists Network Tanzania National Chapter & Tanzania Geological Society (TGS) on behalf of World Young Earth Scientists (YES) Network and the Geological Society of Africa (GSAf)
[Second Circular & Call for Sessions and Papers]
[CAG25 Flyer]
[3rd YES Congress Flyer]
First Circular of
The African Association of
Women in Geosciences (AAWG)
Organise its seventh conference under the theme
Earth Sciences and Climate Change:
Challenges to Development in Africa
3rd November 2014 in Windhoek, Namibia

CAG25 - GIRAF SessionCAG25 - GIRAF Session Source: BGR

GIRAF 2013 - The 3rd Geoscience InfoRmation in AFrica Workshop
Geoscience Information, Sustainable Mapping & Mining

From 23rd - 27th September 2013 the 3rd GIRAF Workshop took place in Accra (Ghana). The event was organized by the CGI together with AusAID's International Mining for Development Centre (IM4DC), the UNESCO and BGR. The workshop took place coinciding with the centennial celebrations of the Geological Survey of Ghana who had kindly offered to host the meeting. The main subject was „Geoscience Information and Sustainable Mapping & Mining“.

John Duodu, GSD, Ghana, Kristine Asch, BGR, Germany & Robin Evans, IM4DC, Australia (organizers)

Africa Mapping – Questionnaire – 2013
Questionnaire for the pilot study “Geoscientific knowledge and skills of African Geological Surveys”.
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The Aims of GIRAF are:

  • Build a pan-African geoscience information knowledge network of geological surveys, universities and companies.
  • Exchange and share geoscience information and good practice.
  • Bring together relevant African authorities, national experts and stakeholders in geoscience information.
  • Make Africa a more active part of the international geoscience information community.
  • Stimulate and support cross-border geoscience information projects in Africa.
  • Gather and review up-to-date feedback on the actual situation of geoscience information status and progress in Africa.
  • Review the progress of the GIRAF network as set up at the 1st workshop in Namibia 2009.
  • In the long run improve the way geoscience information contributes to improve the health and prosperity of the people in Africa.
Interview with Prof. Aberra Mogessie, President of the GSAf, Member of the GIRAF Steering Committee:

Prof. Aberra Mogessie, President of the GSAf

Professor Aberra Mogessie, President of the GSAf, calls for sustainable management of the continent’s resources, further focus on Africa’s young people and emphasises the need for developed countries to view Africa as a partner to work with rather than a continent in need of help. in International Innovation, Research Media

[Interview with Professor Aberra Mogessie, President of the GSAf (PDF, 912 KB)]

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GIRAF Newsletter - Issue 2

GIRAF Newsletter

Issue 3 - July 2014

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May 2012

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